New and Improved

1). Canadian Two Cable System 

Canadian occupational health and safety regulation allow for use of 2 cables for perimeter fall protection on roofing. FallBan is now available in a new Canadian version (left) and a Canadian 2 cable conversion adapter on a standard stanchion is shown above. Manufacturing of these stanchions and all other components are identical to the original system

2). Canadian 2 Cable Conversion adapter

This adapter is easily installed on our standard US (OSHA compliant) FallBan stanchion using two ¼’’ x 1 ½’’ bolts, washers and nuts securing it to the top and bottom cable holders.

The adapter can be used temporarily or permanently.

Note: The 2 cable FallBan system is only allowed in Canada. In the United States, to meet OSHA standards, 3 cables are required.

3). Toe Board Adapter

Toe boards aren’t always required on Perimeter Fall Protection Systems but there are many instances where having the boards could and would increase safety.

Fallban Toe Board adapters can now be installed on FallBan Stanchions and Mid Braces to secure lumber as a toe board to contain hand tools, debris, materials, etc.

4). Swivel for Diagonal Brace attachment. 

This swivel is used to attach the Diagonal Brace to the FallBan stanchions and can be adjusted for non 90-degree corners and angle changes on the roof surface. The swivel is also used to install Diagonal brace when using the Canadian 2 cable adapter.

5). Weight for tensioning Cables.

6.) FallBan Storage Pallet

Compact pallet for ease of transport and organization.